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Our mission.

To empower and improve the lives of individuals with disabilities by connecting them to leading support providers in an environment that promotes inclusivity and advocates for equal opportunities.

At Able Plus we are dedicated to creating a society where people with disabilities can thrive, express their potential, and lead fulfilling lives.


Our mission is centered around the following core principles:

1. Choice and Control: We believe in empowering people to take charge of their own lives and choose the services and support they receive.

2. Accessibility and Inclusion: We believe that everyone deserves equal access to opportunities, resources, and services. We strive to break down barriers and promote inclusive environments that embrace diversity.

3. Comprehensive Connection: We are committed to providing comprehensive connection to individuals with disabilities across all aspects of their lives. Our services connect providers who promote physical, emotional, social, and educational needs, ensuring holistic care and development.

4. Empowerment and Independence: We aim to empower individuals with disabilities to take control of their lives and achieve independence. We provide the connections necessary for them to overcome challenges, make informed choices, and pursue their goals.

5. Advocacy and Awareness: We actively advocate for the rights and needs of people with disabilities, raising awareness in society about the issues they face. We work towards fostering an inclusive culture that recognizes and respects the unique abilities and contributions of individuals with disabilities. We employ people with disabilities in our organisation and encourage people with disabilities to apply for all roles in our organisation.

6. Collaborative Partnerships: We foster collaborations with individuals, families, caregivers, community organizations, and government agencies to create a network of support and resources. By working together, we can maximize our impact and create lasting change.

7. Continuous Learning and Innovation: We embrace a culture of continuous learning and strive to stay at the forefront of advancements in disability support and services. We seek innovative solutions to address emerging challenges and improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

Able Plus has an unwavering commitment to our mission, we aim to create a world that values and celebrates the abilities of all individuals, regardless of their disabilities. Together, we can build a more inclusive and equitable society where every person has the opportunity to thrive.

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