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Frequently asked questions:

How do the events work?

Able Meet and Able Home Care events are held in a mini-expo style with everyone standing and interacting. Our fast-paced speed networking format means everyone meets everyone else in the room to ensure choice and control for participants.

What do I need to bring as a table host?

  • Pull Up banner/ banners

  • Business cards (at least 40)

  • Promotional flyers

  • Marketing giveaways (chocolates, pens drink bottles)

  • Capacity Update sheets

  • Table cloth (preferably branded with your company name)

  • Prepared chat on your Service/product and points of difference sufficient to last 3-4 minutes

  • Positive attitude and energy to talk to approx. 25 different people consecutively 

Why do you only allow 3 Plan Managers per event?

Plan Management is an important part of the NDIS sector however we believe three Plan Managers is sufficient per event. Attendees are seeking to know what’s new in the local community and three Plan Managers gives sufficient choice and control to participants and carers.

What is an able talk Event?

These events have three keynote speakers from the sector presenting in a Ted Talk style. Keynotes are chosen due to their ability to influence and inspire the sector. These events are a must to attend.

I’m considering being and Event sponsor but what are the benefits?

Benefits of Elite sponsor:

  • Extra Large Logo on event ticket

  • Extra Large logo on website event page

  • MC promotion at beginning of event

  • Social Media post pre-event

  • Social Media post after the event

  • Allocated Table number 1 near the lectern

  • Large logo on PowerPoint at event

  • One slide on PowerPoint about your services

  • Banners at entrance and near lectern

  • Hamper Giveaway to event Attendee with photo


Benefits of Premium sponsor:

  • Large Logo on event ticket

  • Large logo on website event page

  • MC mention during event

  • Social Media post after the event

  • Allocated Table number 2

  • Large Logo on PowerPoint at event

  • Hamper giveaway to Table Host with Photo

Which are the payment methods?

  1. Able Plus preferred payment method is via Direct Bank Transfer:

               Able Plus PTY LTD

               SBS: 062-198

               Acc: 1099 9414

  2. Major credit cards payment via Stripe

  3. Afterpay (flexible payment)

Why do you only have Partners and no members?

We believe we can deliver the best events for everyone this way.

Attendees want a fresh and vibrant event every time. That means exciting new providers from the local community. We want to give everyone the opportunity to book an event, no matter how big your business is or how small. Often the most exciting businesses in the NDIS are run by small businesses and we want them to have the opportunity to shine. Events with all large corporations taking all the tables often don't showcase the local community and favour large marketing budgets versus quality local providers.


How big are these Events?

They usually have 22 leading providers which means 22 tables. We think that this is the perfect event size. It gives attendees a great selection of providers and providers are often talked out after 2hrs.


Do I need to be NDIS registered to be part of these events?

No you don't. Everyone is welcome to come. If a participant is self managed or Plan Managed they can have services provided by non registered providers. 


Are your events wheelchair accessible?

Yes wheelchair, electric scooter, assisted walker access is a key selection criteria of all our events.


Are participants welcome to attend these events?

Absolutely! After all, it's all about you!


Why aren't you holding an event in my community?

Reaching regional communities is a huge part of our mission. If you would like us to hold and event in your region please send an email telling us to:


I can't afford a table but have an exciting business I want to share with my local community, how do I become part of this?

We have after pay which means you can pay the table host fee in six weeks. Its designed to give smaller providers the opportunity to bear the cost over time, and not all in one hit.


I'm another provider or not really in the sector and just want to come and have a look, am I welcome?

For sure, providers are happy to see all sorts of people come to the events. Often the most unlikely attendee can become a referrer to one of the businesses. We are open, welcoming and inclusive. Its part of our culture.

What is the cancellation / refund policy?

21 days prior the event to get a refund.

7 days prior the event to get a credit for another event.

No refund or credit with less than 7 days notice.

Note: T&C are subject to change at any time.

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